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Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

  • ordering of aerial and satellite images
  • photogrammetric processing of aerial images - orthophotomaps creating
  • orthorectification of satellite images
  • digital terrain model (DTM) creating from aerial stereopairs
  • image mosaicking (including radiometric enhancement)
  • photo-interpretation of aerial and satellite images
  • land cover mapping
  • image classification (supervised and unsupervised)
  • computation of vegetation indexes
  • merging of images with different resolution
  • image enhancement
  • conversion between different data formats and coordinate systems
  • 3D visualization of aerial and satellite images, flight simulations
  • creating and updating of GIS thematic layers based on remote sensing data
  • creating and printing of map layouts

Geographical information systems

  • scanning and vectorization of analogous map prints
  • creating of GIS input data from aerial and satellite images
  • georeferencing of raster and vector thematic layers
  • DEM and DTM creating from contour maps and aerial images
  • computation of morphometric parameters of georelief (slope, aspect, curvature)
  • designing and creating of geographical databases
  • spatial analysis of geographical data
  • decision making using geographical data
  • 3D visualizations and animations
  • creating and printing of map layouts
  • publishing of maps and geographical data on the internet

Geological jobs

  • creating of digital geological maps from analogous map prints
  • field mapping with use of GPS
  • DEM creating, volumes analysis

Offset map printing

  • offset printing of maps, posters, advertising materials and other graphics on the plotter
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